Choose the right flexibility for your style!

When choosing dance shoes it is important to choose the right relationship between shoe flexibility and shoe support: the dancer who prefers a foot support will want a shoe constructed in a different way from the one that prefers to have a shoe that can adapt to each twisting of the foot.

To offer the dancer the footwear that suits his style we provide our shoes in two different types of flexibility and two different soles to the forefoot to give three different combinations of flexibility and support:

The Super Flex (SF) shoe is completely flexible, it follows the dancer's movements like a glove: rigid only under the heel thanks to the super flexibility and with a split sole, completely flexible under the arch.

split sole super flexibility

For those who prefer greater arch support without sacrificing forefoot flexibility, we recommend opting for a Flex (F) construction. In this case, the medium flexibility will ensure that there is a support that goes from the heel to the entire arch. The split sole allows anyway an excellent freedom of movement to the forefoot.

medium flexibility split sole

Those who want total foot support can find it in the Mounted (M) models. In this case, the entire sole is added to the medium flexibility to add support at the forefoot too.