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Tango  Shoes

2HB Tango Shoes are a perfect combination of elegance and passion, the same two qualities that are necessary to improvise your tango steps. The basic step of the tango is similar to a normal walk step. The styles are mostly danced in open embrace, where lead and follow have space between their bodies. The few and simple rules of this dance reflects the valuable characteristics of the our Tango Shoes that uses Buffalo Sole Leather to obtain the best mobility for your foot.


  • Argentine Tango

    Argentine Tango was born in the early 800 in the Orilla's city lanes of Buenos Aires. Like this dance, our Argentine Tango Shoes are the expression of your soul through the body, your foot steps and then flowing trough your Dance Shoes to the dance floor. 2HB is proud to present his exclusive Argentine Tango Shoes collection. Customize your preferred shoes and imagine hitting the dance floor wearing these 100% made in Italy Argentine Tango Shoes!

  • Tango Nuevo

    2HB Tango Nuevo Shoes collection enhance the study and the execution that are behind this researched and sophisticated dance. The New Tango learning method analyze the structure of the dance in order to enter new step's "variations", also named "cambios". Our New Tango Shoes favor this graceful style, complying with the movement of the dancers that constantly change the position. Choose your handmade New Tango Shoes from the most exclusive and elegant collection in the world! Choose to buy our 100% made in Italy shoes!

  • Tango

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